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  • Prof. Chelsea Sharon stands in front of a lecture theater of students while indicating features in a cartoon sketch of a supermassive black hole.

    Latest@Yale-NUS Feature on Intro to Black Holes

    1 June 2021 (Tue)

    The Yale-NUS news source has a brief article on Introduction to Black Holes (YSC1219), the introductory 2.5MC module taught by Prof. Chelsea Sharon. Introduction to Black Holes is meant to be a fun short course approachable to non-science majors, as well as prospective science majors in their first year at the College. The course is...

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  • Profile photos of the two 2021 Capstone prize winners.

    Capstone Award Winners for 2021

    24 May 2021 (Mon)

    The faculty are pleased to announce that the 2021 Outstanding Capstone Award in Physical Sciences was awarded to Harshitra Mahalingam for her work titled “Manipulation of Impurities on Two-Dimensional Materials.” Veronica Ann Long Shu En was the runner up with her capstone “Toward the development of organic-based electronics: i...

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  • Gideon Lee in a subway train car.

    Latest@Yale-NUS Features Physical Sciences Grad...

    21 May 2021 (Fri)

    Recent Physical Sciences graduate Gideon Lee was featured in a Latest@Yale-NUS article on the graduate school plans for students in the Class of 2021. Gideon will be attending the University of Chicago for his PhD, after having netted two other offers from graduate programs in the US. The article also highlighted the two impressive publications...

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  • Student Reni Chng holds a chicken at an event at Yale-NUS College.

    Physical Sciences Student Wins Social Change Award

    22 April 2021 (Thu)

    Physical Sciences student Reni Chng (Class of 2021) was awarded the Commitment to Community and Social Change Award at the 2021 Yale-NUS Kingfisher Award Ceremony on April 21st this year. This award is for individuals or student groups that “contributed significantly to social justice, peace, social change, education, public health, or env...

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  • The graduating Physical Sciences majors standing socially distanced after they had finished presenting their capstones.

    The Class of 2021 Presents Their Capstone Research

    13 April 2021 (Tue)

    Last Saturday a bumper crop of chemists, physicist, and physical scientists presented their final year capstone research projects to a full (socially distanced) house and to a large number of alumni and friends of the major online. Over the past year, these students have been hard at work conducting original research under the supervision of...

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  • Virtual Fireside Chat by NUS Chemistry Alumni

    12 January 2021 (Tue)

    ACS Student Chapter at NUS has kindly extended an invitation to Yale-NUS students for a fireside chat with NUS Chemistry Alumni! Details below: “Hi everyone, Stressed about life after graduation? Jobs? Careers? Mentorship? Networking? Have you wondered what career possibilities a Science degree offers besides jobs in the Science, Technolog...

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  • New 2.5MC Science Skills Course

    3 December 2020 (Thu)

    This course will teach skills relevant to all science majors, including laser cutting, LaTeX, circuit design, 3D pringint, and more!

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  • 2.5MC Course on Emergence

    3 December 2020 (Thu)

    Professor Shaffique Adam is running a fun 2.5 MC module YSC 1220: More is Different: Emergence in Physical Systems next semester!

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  • Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 Moon-gazing

    2 October 2020 (Fri) , 21:00-22:30
    At the MPH and Level 3 Science Centre Link Bridge

    On Friday October 2nd the Yale-NUS Astronomy Group, Ashen Light, is holding a Mid-Autumn Festival event with Yale-NUS Global China Connection (YNGCC) and sponsored by DOS. Happening from 9pm to 10:30pm, students can convene outside the MPH for mooncakes, drinks and lanterns, or venture to the level three Science Centre link bridge to moon-gaze. ...

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  • 3D printed models of molecular structures on a table with students int he background.

    Organic Chemistry Teaching Innovation Grant

    14 July 2020 (Tue)

    Prof. Presolski's Teaching Innovation Grant is to help students better understand molecular structures.

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  • Prof. Shaffique Adam sitting by plants at Yale-NUS.

    Prof. Shaffique Adam Wins NRF Investigatorship ...

    19 June 2020 (Fri)

    Physical Sciences Professor Shaffique Adam was recently awarded a prestigious National Research Foundation (NRF) Investigatorship grant for leaders in in their fields. Prof. Adam will use the grant to study how atomically thin materials might achieve high-temperature superconductivity (a property of material, that if achieved, would greatly impr...

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  • Krishan Sanjay Mahesh (Class of 2020) siting near the pond in Saga College.

    Graduating Senior Krishan Featured in Latest@Ya...

    26 May 2020 (Tue)

    The article highlights the Physical Sciences senior's post-graduation plans at the National Institute of Education.

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  • The four accomplished seniors after having presented their capstone research

    Class of 2020 Present Their Capstone Research

    18 March 2020 (Wed)

    This week our four graduating Physical Sciences majors presented their capstone research projects to a packed house. They have been hard at work for the past semester and a half, conducting original research under the supervision of a Physical Sciences faculty. Taavishi Jindel presented the new tool she was developing to model resolved spectral ...

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  • Students and Staff View the 2019 Annular Eclipse

    26 December 2019 (Thu)
    At Yale-NUS College

    (Eclipse photo by Prof. Ben Olsen) Yale-NUS students, faculty, staff, friends, and family took time from their break to come back to campus and view the 2019 Annular Eclipse on December 26th. The Physical Sciences faculty estimate that nearly 300 people came by to watch the Moon block out the Sun during the four hour...

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  • Summer Research Fun

    17 June 2019 (Mon)
    At Yale-NUS College

    About a dozen students have been doing chemistry, physics and astronomy-related research on campus this summer, as well as proudly wearing the Class of 2019 Physical Sciences T-shirt (Jung Min ’19, Beatrice ’21, Stan, Karen ’19, Hailee ’21, Shaw ’21).

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  • Chemistry National Meeting

    15 May 2019 (Wed)

    About half a dozen PS majors attended the second Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG) held in UTown, including freshly minted graduate Eun Jung Min’19 who presented a poster on his capstone research. Eun Jung Min talks about his work to conference participants. Asst. Prof. Stan Presolski sporting the official Physical Sciences Cla...

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  • Instrumental Analysis featured on the Yale-NUS ...

    15 January 2019 (Tue)

    Instrumental Analysis with Lab is an interdisciplinary course, which introduces our students to the wide range of scientific instrumentation and fabrication facilities at the College and culminates in a group project that aims to build a functional prototype of a measuring device. Read the full story here.

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  • Shaffique Adam publishes in Science on the role...

    10 August 2018 (Fri)

    Yale-NUS Associate Professor of Science (Physics) Shaffique Adam is the lead author for a recent work that describes a model for electron interaction in Dirac materials, a class of materials that includes graphene and topological insulators, solving a 65-year-old open theoretical problem in the process. The discovery will help scientists better ...

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  • Ben, Chelsea, and Alex Join the Science Divisio...

    1 August 2018 (Wed)

    Yale-NUS has added three new assistant professors of Science to its ranks: Ben Olsen, who uses powerful lasers to investigate quantum phases and many-body dynamics in ultracold atoms; Chelsea Sharon, who studies star formation and galaxy evolution across cosmic time; and Aleksandr Rodin, who is interested in novel 2D materials, in particular, co...

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  • Newly Minted Physical Sciences Graduates

    28 May 2018 (Mon)

    Ying Tong, Yonatan, Shuin Jian, and Jessica received their Bachelor of Science with Honours degree scrolls at the 2018 Yale-NUS graduation ceremony. Congratulations!

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  • Physical Sciences End-of-Sem Dinner

    27 April 2018 (Fri)
    At Star Vista

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  • Yale-NUS undergraduates part of team that finds...

    29 January 2018 (Mon)

    Published study involving Yale-NUS undergraduates provides evidence of similarities between two different mathematical models impacting magnetoresistance research. Two Yale-NUS College undergraduates are part of a research team that concluded that two different mathematical models, which describe the same physical phenomenon, are essentially equ...

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  • Students and faculty conduct research on Quantu...

    7 November 2017 (Tue)

    Over the past few decades, the study of Quantum Information Science (QIS) has emerged as a field with startling potential to revolutionise science and engineering, and by extension, the way we live. Its roots stem from the 1990s when pioneers like Charles H. Bennett explored ways to amalgamate quantum mechanics with the classical Turing machine....

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  • Physical Sciences Dinner

    26 October 2017 (Thu)
    At El Patio

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  • Yale-NUS hosts workshop on electron-electron in...

    28 June 2017 (Wed)
    At Yale-NUS College

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  • Workshop and Lecture by Carl Wieman

    28 April 2017 (Fri)

    Yale-NUS will host Nobel laureate Carl Wieman, who will present a workshop on how to promote active learning in the classroom, as well as a public talk on Scientific Approaches to Science Education. Mark your calendars!

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  • Yale-NUS hosts Institute of Physics Singapore a...

    22 February 2017 (Wed)
    At Yale-NUS College

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  • From graphene hydrodynamics to nano-rockets, Ya...

    4 November 2016 (Fri)

    By Daryl Yang | Image by Yasunari Watanabe While building a rocket might sound like a dream or something that one would read in a science fiction novel, Eun Jung Min (Class of 2019) had the opportunity to experiment with synthesising micro and nano-rockets as a student researcher working with Yale-NUS College Assistant Professor of...

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  • Strengthening the tenure process and faculty re...

    16 September 2016 (Fri)

    A familiar face on campus, Professor Steven Bernasek now wears a new hat – as the Dean of Faculty. Making a smooth transition into his new role, Professor Bernasek is looking to further bolster the faculty team at Yale-NUS. Under the leadership of inaugural Dean of Faculty, Professor Charles Bailyn, a comprehensive review of the...

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  • New Division of Science Director aims to streng...

    23 August 2016 (Tue)

    Only a month into his role as Director, Division of Science at Yale-NUS College, Professor Mark Bussell has already embarked on several ambitious plans as the College’s inaugural class presses closer towards graduation. One such project is to continue developing the capstone projects for final year students, where the learning in each major culm...

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  • Talks by Eric Mazur

    22 August 2016 (Mon)

    “Confessions of a Converted Lecturer” August 22, 7:00PM Yale-NUS Performance Hall (with reception from 6PM-7PM) Abstract:  I thought I was a good teacher until I discovered my students were just memorizing information rather than learning to understand the material. Who was to blame? The students? The material? I will explain how I came to the...

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  • In astronomy, research and teaching can collide

    31 May 2016 (Tue)

    For Professor Bryan Penprase, the view of the Milky Way glimmering in the darkness of the night is one of the most beautiful marvels in the universe. “That sight is something that can’t help but cause you to be stirred not only emotionally, but also intellectually,” said Professor Penprase, who is Professor of Science (Physics and Astrophysics)...

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  • Yale-NUS welcomed two Nobel Laureates in early ...

    25 February 2015 (Wed)

    In early 2015, two Nobel Laureates visited Yale-NUS as part of the 5th ASEAN Bridges event. This series of talks, organised by the International Peace Foundation (IPF), aim to create an independent platform for dialogue and humanitarian support to encourage better cooperation for the promotion of peace, freedom and security. Professor Brian Schm...

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  • Professor Steven L Bernasek joins Yale-NUS as S...

    14 January 2015 (Wed)

    Image by Clare Isabel Ee In July 2015, renowned chemist, Professor Steven L Bernasek, will join Yale-NUS College as the new Science Divisional Director. “I am very excited to be joining Yale-NUS, and honoured to be able to have a role in developing the Division of Science faculty and curriculum,” said Professor Bernasek of his...

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  • What does a black hole look like?

    31 December 2014 (Wed)

    Black holes have intrigued people for a long time. They are a place in space with such immense gravitational pull that even light cannot escape. The enigmatic nature of black holes spurred Charles Bailyn, Yale-NUS College’s Dean of Faculty and Professor of Science to write “What Does a Black Hole Look Like?” which details how astronomers...

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  • Two Yale-NUS Science faculty members recognised...

    29 January 2014 (Wed)

    For the second consecutive year, members of the Science faculty from Yale-NUS College have been recognised for their research contributions with the award of the prestigious Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowship. Dr Melissa Jane Fullwood won the 2013 Fellowship for her research on the use of novel next-generation sequencing tec...

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  • Lai Choy Heng: An East-West bicultural learning...

    14 November 2012 (Wed)

    Professor Lai Choy Heng speaks to Lianhe Zaobao about his personal and educational background, his thoughts on liberal arts and science, and his current role as the Executive Vice-President (Academic Affairs) of Yale-NUS College. Click here to read the translated article in English.

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