2.5MC Course on Emergence

3 December 2020 (Thu),
Professor Shaffique Adam is running a fun 2.5 MC module YSC 1220: More is Different: Emergence in Physical Systems next semester!

What  is life?  Think about it.  We take some unintelligent molecules, arrange them in information-encoding DNA, and voilà, we have intelligent life!  What is consciousness?  How do we get emotions and feelings from a bunch of connected neurons discharging electrical currents?  How do molecules of water form tsunamis and whirlpools?  The missing ingredient in these examples is called emergence — where the collective behaviour of a system is qualitatively different from the individual behaviours of the components

Want to learn more?  Next semester take the module YSC 1220: More is Different: Emergence in Physical Systems

This 2.5 MC fun Friday afternoon course will look at four concrete examples of emergence in physical systems: (1) cellular automata;  (2) chaos theory; (3) hydrodynamics; and (4)  superconductivity.  This module has no prerequisites, and no preclusions.  It is suitable for both science majors and non-science majors.  We will read some primary sources, and will occasionally get our hands dirty solving equations numerically.

About the instructor.  Shaffique Adam is a theoretical physicist interested in the complex and surprising ways electrons behave when they are subject to the interplay of quantum mechanics, material imperfections, confined geometries and interactions with other electrons.  He is the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Singapore National Research Foundation Fellowship, NUS Young Investigator Award, Singapore Institute of Physics World Scientific medal and the Singapore National Research Foundation Investigator Award.