Profile photos of the two 2021 Capstone prize winners.

Capstone Award Winners for 2021

24 May 2021 (Mon),

The faculty are pleased to announce that the 2021 Outstanding Capstone Award in Physical Sciences was awarded to Harshitra Mahalingam for her work titled “Manipulation of Impurities on Two-Dimensional Materials.” Veronica Ann Long Shu En was the runner up with her capstone “Toward the development of organic-based electronics: investigating the thermal and structural properties of N,N’-dialkyl-napthalene diimides.” Both prizes were incredibly well-deserved and hard-earned—the faculty noted that it was particularly challenging field this year, with many excellent capstone projects to choose between.

For her capstone, Harshitra used quantum field theory to precisely model the electronic properties of synthetic molecules positioned on gold surfaces. Creating atomically precise artificial quantum features is a powerful tool for exploring new and exotic states of matter. Her work was also experimentally verified by collaborators at NUS Chemistry and is in preparation for submission to Nature Nanotechnology.

Veronica’s work was particularly lauded for her independence, having identified a gap in the literature, designed the experiments herself, and produced publication quality work while needing little direction from her supervisor. As part of her capstone, she synthesized and characterized several polymers that could be used for the manufacture of flexible solar cells.

The Physical Sciences faculty look forward to hearing more about Harshitra’s and Veronica’s great accomplishments in the future! Congratulations!