The four accomplished seniors after having presented their capstone research

Class of 2020 Present Their Capstone Research

18 March 2020 (Wed),

This week our four graduating Physical Sciences majors presented their capstone research projects to a packed house. They have been hard at work for the past semester and a half, conducting original research under the supervision of a Physical Sciences faculty. Taavishi Jindel presented the new tool she was developing to model resolved spectral energy distributions from galaxies that would enable astronomers to extract maps of physical parameters such as those galaxies’ stellar masses, star formation rates, etc. Yip Jia Qi talked about a photosensitive catalyst he developed that would be helpful for enabling super efficient reactions that may have applications for things like photolithography. Lucy Davis discussed her work characterising ancient pottery using X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy to determine their origin and map ancient trade routes. Krishan Sanjay presented on using machine learning to characterise different types of cell death in fluorescence microscopy images that will hopefully automate an otherwise laborious process for biologists . The four seniors did a fantastic job presenting their research, and the audience was quite impressed with their work! Their capstones truly capture the breadth and interdisciplinary work of physical sciences. The four seniors have a few more weeks to wrap up their written capstone report and then they’ll be off to great things beyond Yale-NUS!