The graduating Physical Sciences majors standing socially distanced after they had finished presenting their capstones.

The Class of 2021 Presents Their Capstone Research

13 April 2021 (Tue),

Last Saturday a bumper crop of chemists, physicist, and physical scientists presented their final year capstone research projects to a full (socially distanced) house and to a large number of alumni and friends of the major online. Over the past year, these students have been hard at work conducting original research under the supervision of a Physical Sciences faculty at Yale-NUS or in some cases outside experts from Cambridge, UChicago, NUS, and Yale. Our 12 graduating students presented on topics as diverse as quantum computing, organic electronics, atmospheric chemistry, black hole quenching of star formation, laser trapping atoms, novel mathematical descriptions of neuron shapes, light-controlled chemical reactions, and more! See the full list of capstone titles below! The capstone presentations were excellent and the students handled some uniquely intense grilling from our remotely attending alumni with aplomb. The capstone supervisors were all happy and proud of their students’ accomplishments, particularly in a challenging pandemic year. We look forward to highlighting more of these bright students’ achievements in the future!

Full list of capstone projects:

  • Gideon Lee: Low Overhead Error-Suppression for QRAM via Error Symmetrization
  • Veronica Ann Long Shu En: Toward the development of organic-based electronics: investigating the thermal and structural properties of N,N’-dialkyl-napthalene diimides
  • Harshitra Mahalingam: Manipulation of Impurities on Two-Dimensional Materials
  • Devendra Neupane: Development of a statistical-thermodynamic theory for molecular aggregates
  • Kurumi Ota: Photochemical Reactions of Guaiacol in Tropospheric Aerosol
  • Beatrice Chew Chien Han: Investigation of Porphyrin Derivatives as Novel Lewis acid Reporters for the Huynh Electronic Parameter
  • Tabitha Jane Carter: Resolving the Schmidt-Kennicutt Relation for an AGN Host Galaxy in the Early Universe
  • Rishav Koirala: Laser-Cooling Neutral Lithium Atoms and Capturing Them in a Magneto-Optical Trap
  • Kebron Kebede Gurara: Total scattering analysis of Dendrite networks in drosophila
  • Hyerin Shin: Kinetic Profiling and Temporal Control of CuAAC with Photoswitchable Dithienenylethene Ligands
  • Alexander Michael Reaves: The Feasibility of Granular Flows for Energy Storage
  • Xiao Yang: Synthesis of Photocrosslinkable Sphingosine Derivatives for Studying the Interaction of Mfsd2b with its Ligand Sphingosphine-1-Phosphate