Student Organisations

Yale-NUS College provides an environment that supports a rich student life involving a wide range of student events and student organisations. Many of our student organisations are actively involved in organising and discussing Physical Sciences related events and issues. To learn more, please check out some of the featured student organisations below.  

Ashen Light

Ashen Light is the Yale-NUS Astronomy Club. Ashen Light creates opportunities for Yale-NUS students to learn about stargazing and the Universe, and promotes the spirit of scientific curiosity in the wider student body. Club activities include star gazing around Singapore; tutorials on telescope use, astrophotography, and astronomy image processing; and an annual observing trip at the end of Semester 1 to a dark skies site in Malaysia or beyond!

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The Cosmoscience

The Cosmoscience is a student publication run by a group of science enthusiasts at Yale-NUS College, a liberal arts college in Singapore. We aim to provide novel perspectives of the world and integrate scientific knowledge with the arts and social science.

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The Yale-NUS Community for Undergraduate Research, Interest and Engagement in the Sciences (CURIES) is an organisation for scientists and science enthusiasts in Yale-NUS College. Join us and discover more! Mission: i. Expose the Yale-NUS College student body to relevant and current news in the scientific world, focus on information that complement the scientific common curriculum ii. Bridge faculty members of scientific disciplines with students, facilitate partnerships for research, discussion and lateral exchanges of knowledge between disciplines.

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