Our Students & Alumni

If you would like to update or remove your name/affiliation, please contact the Head of Studies, Prof. Hui Khoon Ng, at huikhoon.ng@yale-nus.edu.sg.

Class of 2022

  • Gabriele Ramanauskaite
  • Yap Zhun Wai
  • Mahir Amer
  • Guo Ziting
  • Joonghyun Eo
  • Lorngdy Pon

Class of 2021

  • Gideon Lee
  • Veronica Ann Long Shu En
  • Harshitra Mahalingam
  • Devendra Neupane
  • Kurumi Ota
  • Beatrice Chew Chien Han
  • Tabitha Jane Carter
  • Rishav Koirala
  • Kebron Kebede Gurara
  • Hyerin Shin
  • Alexander Michael Reaves
  • Xiao Yang
  • Reni Chng Wuang Leng

Class of 2020

The four accomplished seniors after having presented their capstone research

The class of 2020 after having finished their capstone research presentations. From L to R: Taavishi, Jia Qi, Lucy, and Krishan.

  • Lucy Davis
    • Capstone: Tracking archaeological ceramic origins: techniques for sample preparation and elemental analysis
  • Taavishi Jindel
    • Capstone: A new tool for the resolved spectral energy distribution fitting of galaxies
  • Krishan Sanjay
    • Capstone: Cell death modalities: confocal imaging and classification with convolutional neural networks
  • Yip Jia Qi
    • Capstone: Substituent effects on oxazoline-based dithienylethene photochromic ligands

Class of 2019

  • Nilotpal Chakraborty
    • Capstone: Transport in twisted bilayer graphene near magic angle: the remarkably early onset of phonons
  • Eun Jung Min
    • Capstone: Synthesis of dithienylethene photochromic ligands and their influence on the kinetics of the copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition reaction
  • Karen P. M. Khoo
    • Capstone: Functionalisation of MoS2 with porphyrin derivatives for (photo)electrochemical hydrogen production
  • Vanessa Pei Wen Koh
    • Capstone: Holographic generation of 2D microtrap arrays using a digital-micromirror device
  • Ng Hui Lin
    • Capstone: Towards the investigation of CO loss mechanisms in CORM-2 and CORM-3 by cytochrome P450 enzyme mimics
  • Ivan Soh Wei Ern
    • Capstone: Quantum brachistochrone
  • Jiayun (Joanna) Wang
    • Capstone: Practical parameter estimation for quantum statistical data

Class of 2018

Physical Sciences Dinner April 27th

  • Yonatan Aaron Gazit
    • Capstone: Estimating Noise Bias of a Single-Qubit Pauli Channel
  • Lai Ying Tong
    • Capstone: Predicting III-oxide Transparent Conductors Using Materials Informatics
  • Jessica Kay Ling Lee
    • Capstone: Towards Fluorination of Leucine for Probing Inter-Peptide Side Chain Interactions
  • Wu Shuin Jian
    • Capstone: A New View of Fornax A in Hα

Class of 2017

  • Li Ting Chan
    • Capstone: Biological imaging using nitrogen-vacancy colour centres in nanodiamonds
  • Rohan P. Naidu
    • Capstone: Insights into cosmic reionization, or how the universe went from hydrogen bubble bath to us-containing star stuff
  • Tiffany Sin
    • Capstone: Thermal comfort in urban environments: a 3D numerical model for standard effective temperature