Our Students & Alumni

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Class of 2023

  • Aaron Sean Tan Zhenjie
  • Abigail Belle Cheung
  • Bijaya Chandra Luitel
  • Dikshant Dulal
  • Garima Chib
  • Jacqueline Jin
  • M. Zirdi Syukur
  • Phoebe Rosa Virginia
  • Pranshu Mehul Dave
  • Raphael Antonio Liboro Romasanta

Class of 2022

  • Gabriele Ramanauskaite
  • Yap Zhun Wai
  • Mahir Amer
  • Guo Ziting
  • Joonghyun Eo
  • Lorngdy Pon
  • Reni Chng Wuang Leng

Class of 2021

  • The graduating Physical Sciences majors standing socially distanced after they had finished presenting their capstones.

    The glad-to-be-done socially distanced Class of 2021 Physical Sciences majors after they had finished successfully presenting their capstone research. There are too many students to name in this photo caption!

    Gideon Lee

    • Capstone: Low Overhead Error-Suppression for QRAM via Error Symmetrization
  • Veronica Ann Long Shu En
    • Capstone: Toward the development of organic-based electronics: investigating the thermal and structural properties of N,N’-dialkyl-napthalene diimides
  • Harshitra Mahalingam
    • Capstone: Manipulation of Impurities on Two-Dimensional Materials
  • Devendra Neupane
    • Capstone: Development of a statistical-thermodynamic theory for molecular aggregates
  • Kurumi Ota
    • Capstone: Photochemical Reactions of Guaiacol in Tropospheric Aerosol
  • Beatrice Chew Chien Han
    • Capstone: Investigation of Porphyrin Derivatives as Novel Lewis acid Reporters for the Huynh Electronic Parameter
  • Tabitha Jane Carter
    • Capstone: Resolving the Schmidt-Kennicutt Relation for an AGN Host Galaxy in the Early Universe
  • Rishav Koirala
    • Capstone: Laser-Cooling Neutral Lithium Atoms and Capturing Them in a Magneto-Optical Trap
  • Kebron Kebede Gurara
    • Capstone: Total scattering analysis of Dendrite networks in drosophila
  • Hyerin Shin
    • Capstone: Kinetic Profiling and Temporal Control of CuAAC with Photoswitchable Dithienenylethene Ligands
  • Alexander Michael Reaves
    • Capstone: The Feasibility of Granular Flows for Energy Storage
  • Xiao Yang
    • Capstone: Synthesis of Photocrosslinkable Sphingosine Derivatives for Studying the Interaction of Mfsd2b with its Ligand Sphingosphine-1-Phosphate

Class of 2020

The four accomplished seniors after having presented their capstone research

The class of 2020 after having finished their capstone research presentations. From L to R: Taavishi, Jia Qi, Lucy, and Krishan.

  • Lucy Davis
    • Capstone: Tracking archaeological ceramic origins: techniques for sample preparation and elemental analysis
  • Taavishi Jindel
    • Capstone: A new tool for the resolved spectral energy distribution fitting of galaxies
  • Krishan Sanjay
    • Capstone: Cell death modalities: confocal imaging and classification with convolutional neural networks
  • Yip Jia Qi
    • Capstone: Substituent effects on oxazoline-based dithienylethene photochromic ligands

Class of 2019

  • Nilotpal Chakraborty
    • Capstone: Transport in twisted bilayer graphene near magic angle: the remarkably early onset of phonons
  • Eun Jung Min
    • Capstone: Synthesis of dithienylethene photochromic ligands and their influence on the kinetics of the copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition reaction
  • Karen P. M. Khoo
    • Capstone: Functionalisation of MoS2 with porphyrin derivatives for (photo)electrochemical hydrogen production
  • Vanessa Pei Wen Koh
    • Capstone: Holographic generation of 2D microtrap arrays using a digital-micromirror device
  • Ng Hui Lin
    • Capstone: Towards the investigation of CO loss mechanisms in CORM-2 and CORM-3 by cytochrome P450 enzyme mimics
  • Ivan Soh Wei Ern
    • Capstone: Quantum brachistochrone
  • Jiayun (Joanna) Wang
    • Capstone: Practical parameter estimation for quantum statistical data

Class of 2018

Physical Sciences Dinner April 27th

  • Yonatan Aaron Gazit
    • Capstone: Estimating Noise Bias of a Single-Qubit Pauli Channel
  • Lai Ying Tong
    • Capstone: Predicting III-oxide Transparent Conductors Using Materials Informatics
  • Jessica Kay Ling Lee
    • Capstone: Towards Fluorination of Leucine for Probing Inter-Peptide Side Chain Interactions
  • Wu Shuin Jian
    • Capstone: A New View of Fornax A in Hα

Class of 2017

  • Li Ting Chan
    • Capstone: Biological imaging using nitrogen-vacancy colour centres in nanodiamonds
  • Rohan P. Naidu
    • Capstone: Insights into cosmic reionization, or how the universe went from hydrogen bubble bath to us-containing star stuff
  • Tiffany Sin
    • Capstone: Thermal comfort in urban environments: a 3D numerical model for standard effective temperature